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  • Only Best Projects! All funds invested in category: "Best Projects" and "Verified Companies" are own, not transferred from HYIP admins, it allows to be independent and show only really the best projects
If you are admin or want to place your referal links free to monitorins, you can add project onHYIPPLUS
    For admins:
  • You record all the data of your project
  • You decide at the top of the mosaic
  • Put Button - Add
  • You press the button "PAY" and pay
  • Your project is added, when admin will confirm the listing and check purse, a message with monitoring code will come to you automatically, and project will apear on site!
    If you want to add hyip with your referral link:
  • You record all project data
  • You decide at the top of the mosaic
  • In the description leave your email for communications, username in the project and the screenshot of a deposit in the project, if you want to pay a referral to users, which make a contribution through your referral link, specify this in the description
  • Put Button - Add
  • After adding you should write in the comments on the solvency of the project
  • Don't Pay - it's not necessary, your projectwill be added, when administrator confirm the listing, or if there will be some questions contact you
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